.: Yuri :. the process step by step + VIDEO!

9 Nov

Yuri step 1

1. Sketch: As you know my sketches are usually quite messy because I tend to work with lines and color shapes at the same time. I find this method useful because I can see more or less how much impact will have my image. Impact for me is related with colors and shapes. I think about my images and I want them to be seen in the distance as a cool mix of attractive colors, like in a cool thumbnail which makes you think ”oh! this seems interesting to my eye…let’s enlarge it to see details better

Yuri step 2 – 3 

2. detailed sketch and color key: When I’m satisfied with mi main sketch I usually rest some days to think about the next step. My work mates usually tell me I’m a lazy ass or that I’m crazy because in this art business I won’t be able to rest a bit because clients want their works for YESTERDAY.

Yuri final image

And the fact is….I know that. But in the other hand, I know myself, and I know what I can do when I work the way I should work. When you see the final image of this project you will know that I worked EXACTLY the way I should work. Why? Because of the result.

I hope one day I can handle my projects faster, cheaper and with more quality, but since artists are not machines and creating art is not like working on a bootle factory, putting X amount of caps on them [my respects to packers] art won’t never be industrialized [at all].

Ok, I understand your point, but I need this image for tomorrow so If you don’t do it fast I’ll hire another artist, faster than you. Maybe cheaper. Even maybe better

Ok, go for it. As an artist I consider that you wanted something from me because you liked my style or my-whatever-you-liked-from-me, not because you need a super-fucking-awesome-image urgently from whoever who could do it in time [even that case actually exist].
In fact I ACTUALLY can do what you’re asking for, I actually can work faster, but then it won’t be cheaper. I can work cheaper, but then it won’t be faster. Quality is in the middle. I have a top of quality at present, you can’t ask me for more, but you can ask me for less. Despite of I can handle quality, I have to put too much effort and hours on it [for example, the rest period to avoid to overlook mistakes].

This bible is to show you WHY I work the way I do. I’m not lazy, I’m strict. I don’t procrastinate, I take rest to avoid art block, think about the next step or solving problems related with the project. And of course, I don’t have just one project to focuse on.

To finish this rant [not really XD] I recorded two videos of me linearting and coloring this image. The first one [lineart] was a livestream recording. The other one [coloring] is a normal recording of me at my house [normal workflow]. You will see that both took me hours and I just colored hair and skin, so imagine the rest of the image, like the pattern on their kimonos [yes, I did them by hand, not premade images]. I put too much effort on little details.


Comic pages preview

25 Mar

Hello! : P

Sorry for the lack of entries these days. I’ve been busy sketching some pages of mi comic lately because I already finished the whole story yay! [more or less XD] So I decided to show you some sketches of them.

They’re not inked or finished yet, they’re just sketches and I’ll probably fix things here and there in the future : )

As you can see I’m using Photoshop to draw everything. The brushes are not the best for inking so I’m just drafting the pages to print them and ink them in paper [yeeeeey with real ink! I’m going to die!] I’m going to use B4 template [on A3 paper] for this shit :_) but it’s difficult to find the type of paper I want OAO WHY IS SO DIFFICULT TO FIND YOU, CANSON MARCA MAYOR, WHYY?!?

Monarch comic pages by arhiee

Sketching like a slave @__@


Some of my characters…

5 Ene

…Illyncia and Saiphilos! But I usually call them ‘Lyn’ and ‘Saiph’ hehe Specially for Saiph, because his name is larger and…I don’t like it so much n_nU Poor Saiph ❤

I’m developing some sketches of my characters, but I can’t show you all. I’m sorry, they’re quite messy and the lines….*sigh* Hope you like them anyways :3

[Click to enlarge]

Illyncia and Saiphilos, from Monarch by arhiee

Saiphilos and Illyncia

Messy sketch…

29 Dic

…I did for Zuthell. OTL I don’t feel like finishing drawings ultimately, I d0n’t know what’s wrong with me [lots of wrong things, but not with ME] I need like TONS of love

Enjoy this badass character, his name is Zuthell too.

And I’m still working on my OCs revamps, but I don’t want to spoil too much details lol

[Click to enlarge]

Zuthell Character

Dat Ass…dat cock….


Illyncia revamped sketch

15 Dic

Illyncia revamped sketch

I haven’t updated this for a long time OAO I feel so bad for you guys, my beloved followers [I don’t know if I have followers, but…whatever X’D]

As I promised, I tried to revamp my character Illyncia. This is not the final result, I’ll probably change more things here, but maybe you can find this sketch interesting if you like WIPs and those things : )

Ahhhh and goo things happened to me recently. My life is no completed but…well….those things who make you to stay alive another day ; ) If you know what I mean hehehe =w=

Hope you like it! and sorry for the lack of updates! >.<

Traditional inking practice

28 Sep

This drawing is a gift for my friend duranial : ) I inked it manually because I know he loves inks. Hope you like it ^^

Chica demonio sketch

Chica demonio final

Some concepts!……okay, just one.

21 Sep

I’ve been better these days : ) I think I’m starting to be happy again TT___TT A new life begins for me, I think. I left behind some shit, and I’m proud. And I’m proud of this concept too. Enjoy! : )

Concept girl01 by arhiee

I’m taking an Hiatus…

22 Jul

I’m taking an hiatus, and it’ll be for a long time. I’ve been betrayed and wounded recently, and I’m hearbroken.

I feel very bad, I feel sick. I feel I’m an horrible person, and a monster, and the love I gave is not corresponded anymore. I feel like crap because everyone I loved just left me alone, with poor excuses and stupid and invented regrets. 

Many people in my life have failed me that way. Sometimes I can undestand those people who just want to die ald leave this horrible and unfair world.

Illyncia’s Honor Cover Book process

7 Jul

Hello everybody : )

I’m sorry for the lack of entries these days. I’m busy with my school project right now. I have enough time to finish it, but you know I’m such a lazy ass XD

Today I’m going to show you the process of my original painting ”Illyncia’s Honor”  [You can see the final piece here]. This was an exercise for class. I had to make a cover for a book, and I decided to try with my original story, MONARCH. Hope you like this walkthrough : )

01 Rough Sketch. This is how the concept came to my mind. At this point the figure is very abstact and all is messy. Of course the sketch had lots of mistakes here and there, but I worked on this base. I feel embarrased to show you this crap Xd

02 Painting the face. I wanted to paint my character Illyncia as I imagined her. I Usually start with faces first, I can’t help myself XD

03 Painting some lines. I feel more comfortable with lines, so I made a new layer and started to draw over the sketch. Since this is a pinting, I just used them as guides [not as in my manga drawings, I mean]

04 Lines done. Once I got the lines I needed, I moved some elements here and there to fit the composition. As you cas see, I worked with this premade fringes [provided by my teacher Ramón XD]. This is a double page cover. The front must contains the important information, and the back is usually more homogeneous and plain, in order to write the summary of the book there.

05 Starting to add color. Before adding color, I selected Illyncia’s body and the doves with the wand tool and cut them into separate layers. That way I got the floor, Illyncia and the doves in three different layers. I feel safe when I work each part of the drawing separately, because I can move, rotate, edit, paint, etc… each thing wherever and however I want, without restrictions.

After that, I added new layers above each element [in COLOR mode]

06 Overpainting. When I’m happy with the colors I put, I make another layer above to paint directly with my brushes. I’m just focusing on her body at this time. I followed the lines I drew before, but I painted and changed things at the same time if needed.

07 Painting doves. One of the doves were between Illyncia’s hands, and I felt I needed to paint it. I was paintig her arms, but the empty space was getting me nervous XD. I searched for about 5 doves references on the internet. Here you can see the dove I used for this one. It was too small, so I changed some details when I painted it. I didn’t realized my dove had three wings then LOL

08 Doves Done. Doves took me about two days, while I working on Illyncia’s body and hair at the same time. Everything was painted except the floor.

09 The Floor. Despite of what you thing, the floor was pretty easy. First, I made another layer with a vanishing point to make the perspective of the tiling. I painted the lines and colour them in two different layers [one for black one for white].

10 Marble.  Then I searched for some free textures to create the marble. In another document, I made the tile and I applied the texture. I copied the tile into my drawing, and I transformed [free transform, distortion] them separately to fit my coloured tiles. Once I got all the tiles, I played with the layer modes to create the efect I desired. After that, I painted vertical reflections in anoter layer. Some cracks added too.

11 Vanising point. In another layer I painter the shadow. Here you can see the guides I made to paint the floor.

12 Edits. I had the painting done, but it still needed some color corrections. I made some adjustment layers and played with curves and colors.

13 Finish. I fix some small details here, and I aplied a warm color layer above. Now the colors are more homogeneous and all the elements seems more connected.


The Theft [El Robo]

14 Jun

Today I’m going to show you the process of a painting I did some time ago in class. The main theme was ‘the theft’, so after days of braistorming with lots of fails, I finally got this idea. The painting isn’t very impressive, but here is it : )

Click to enlarge the gif

The Theft by arhiee

Here is the final result : )

The Theft by arhiee - final art

click to enlarge : )